How Do You Make Foreign Friends on Internet?

I have been on several dating websites, forums and online chat sites until now. I have many friends from those websites on internet. I had also many penpals, WhatsApp friends, email friends from different countries of the world. With the help of my pen pals I have a good stamp collection of foreign countries at the moment. That was really an amazing experience to have friends from different countries of the world.

It is because you know different languages, different cultures and different sense of humour of the people. I have understood that things that I laugh can be really dramatical for people who are living at abroad. Actually that made me surprised because I was always thinking that people are similar when I was child. That helped me change my view about other cultures. So how do you make foreign friends on internet? Facebook was a good platform to make friends on internet at the beginning. However it is not that good nowadays. Actually you can even get banned because of trying to talk to some stranger. Oldest method is the best for making friends... Can you guess what is it? Of course it is online chat. There are several ways to chat with people online on internet. However if you don't know how to do it, you will need a good guide for this. is one of the best websites on internet with their gigantic online chat knowledge base, tutorials, forums, questions and answers database. This will help you to find several chat websites from several countries of the world.

You can easily make friends from those platforms with the guidance of those tutorials. There are also good tips and tricks for Facebook and WhatsApp too.

Alternatively you can always give a try to chat websites like Omegle and Chatroulette too. They are also good options for making friends but there are too much idiots on those chat websites. So you will need to be careful while you are talking to people. If you are younger than 16 year-old we recommend you to find an alternative solution. This is going to be much better for you to make foreign friends on internet.